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We know that any dispute at work can be very stressful and disruptive. We always look to manage and resolve the issues as effectively as possible and often do so without legal proceedings.

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Whilst most issues can be settled by negotiation and without legal proceedings, we also know that sometimes you will need to take action to enforce your rights. If this is the case, we help you at every stage of the process to make sure you understand your rights, the various options and the costs involved.

We appreciate that it’s often a difficult and uncomfortable time, so we always work in a sensitive, positive way and we have a high success rate in achieving the best outcome for our clients.

Why Herefords?

Our service for employees is highly cost effective, so please ask about this during your initial discussions with us. We offer the following services for Employees;

Exit Strategy

We’re also used to working in delicate and difficult situations: sometimes your relationship with your employer can deteriorate to the point where legal action seems your only option. However, as experienced solicitors, we’re often able to negotiate an settlement on your behalf which avoids legal proceedings and provides you with an effective and beneficial exit strategy.


We can give you advice on many different aspects of employment law. Whether you’re being bullied or discriminated against at work, subject to disciplinary proceedings or raising a grievance, we can help find the solution that’s right for you. This could be helping you to stay with your employer or agreeing a settlement that allows you to leave on good terms.

Disciplinary Advice

We can help you at every stage: ranging from simply reviewing and guiding you through the process, right through to mounting a robust defence on your behalf. We will always defend you as robustly as possible and rebuff the allegations using all our expertise. However, we also look to the longer-term when necessary: we aim to protect your position too, so if you need to bring a claim at a later date, you’re perfectly positioned to do so.

Free Initial Phone Discussion

We’re always willing to have an initial no obligation phone discussion with you. We’ll help you understand your legal rights, your options and any costs involved

Call us now on 0203 669 2216 for an initial, no obligation discussion.

Tribunal Representation

We’re with you from start to finish. From bringing a claim to the employment tribunal to its conclusion, we advise and help you at every step of the way. Whether the claim is for unfair dismissal, discrimination, unlawful deduction of wages or any other issue, we have the experience and expertise to help you. If possible, we always try to reach an early resolution, but only if it also ensures that the outcome meets your goals.

Funding Your Legal Advice

We appreciate that you probably need a specialist employment solicitor most, just when you’ve lost your job and you’re concerned about the costs of legal proceedings. We know it can be an uncertain time, so we’ve developed some unique funding options to help make the financial aspects as painless as possible.

Funding Arrangements For Employees

Herefords understand that most employees require the services of an employment solicitor when they have just lost their job and possibly in financial difficulties. Accordingly, Herefords offer the following unique funding arrangements to assists employees;

Legal Expenses Insurance

Most employees are usually unaware that they have the benefit of legal expenses insurance, which could be attached to any one of their insurance policies such as home insurance.

Herefords can represent you under your legal expenses policy.

Fixed Fee

Herefords can agree a fixed fee for any piece of work in advance so that you can budget your costs.

For example Herefords can agree a fee in assisting you with defending disciplinary proceedings or with only preparing and submitting your claim to the tribunal to get the ball rolling.

Hourly Rate

Herefords offers employees a very competitive hourly rate which is significantly lower than most city and regional practices.

Prepared bespoke Employment contracts, which protected our clients from outgoing employees.

Hassan Rezwani, MD, Living in Design Limited, Mayfair

Very personal service, take time to understand your needs and provide practical advice when you need it most.

Amer Fathallah, MD, Ambassadors Hotel, Knightsbridge

Invaluable, proactive and commercially focused advice, allowing us to manage and run our business effectively.

DR Chohan, MD, Quinta Nursing Homes

Friendly, approachable, dependable and cost effective.

Luis Garcia, FD, Sprim VPI

Indispensable, reliable and very cost effective. They are contactable out of office hours and always provide invaluable commercially focused advice.

Daniel Naresh, Group Accountant, Central Park Hotels, Hyde Park

Very helpful, prompt and jargon free advice- very much part of our management team, highly recommended.

Annette Blooman, HR Director, International Registries

Effective advice, simple to understand and implement.

Thalita Masiero, MD, Fast UK limited


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