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The Top 3 Employment Law Developments Of 2018 (And What They Mean For You)


I know what you’re thinking – we’re nearly at the end of 2018, why are you getting one of these emails now?

But as December draws nearer, now is the perfect time to reflect on the changes and challenged 2018 brought us, and how we’ve handled them. There have been over 40 changes to employment law during the past 11 months (you can find them here), and as a business owner or HR professional it;s your job to ensure you know what they are and are following them. To help, we’ve rounded up the 3 biggest changes, and what you should have meant for your business.


Ok, so this one isn’t specifically an employment law update, but it was one of the biggest legislation changes our country has seen in a long time, and it had a big impact on HR departments everywhere. Since implementation in May, employers now need to make sure they have consent from employees to process their data, are able to locate and delete all data on employees when requested under the ‘right to be forgotten’, and have put in new processes for requesting and storing data. 6 months on, many businesses are still adjusting to GDPR and what it means, particularly in the HR department. there’s a lot to digest in the GDPR documentation, so if you’re not sure of your compliance, it’s always worth speaking to a specialist.

If you’re not sure if your HR department is compliant with GDPR, just get in touch with us today for your free review.

Gender Pay Gap Reporting

It’s one of the worst things an employer can imagine. An employee has such a grievance with your business, that they have successfully taken their case to a tribunal. With the recent abolishment of tribunal fees, there has been a sharp rise in employees taking their employers to court to reconcile employment issues. Your business can be taken to tribunal for many reasons – from unfair dismissal to pay and discrimination. There, a judge will decide who is in the right, and award compensation accordingly. Today, I wanted to look at just three reasons (and believe me, it was tough to choose just 3) that businesses can be on the losing end of a tribunal case.

You can find out more by clicking here.

Get Some Help

Of course, as an HR professional, you’re on the front lines of all of this. It’s your job to make sure that your business is following the law (however many times it’s updated), and getting the right advice to avoid any issues that might come up. If you get any of that wrong, it could cause some serious problems.

If you’re struggling to keep up with all of the changing demands of employment law in your business, then it might be time to ask for some help. At Herefords Solicitors, we provide bespoke, independent support and advice for businesses and HR departments, helping ensure the decisions you’re making are legal and ethical. As employment law and HR specialists, we are perfectly positioned to help support you in making the right decisions for your business. Our retainer service includes direct phone contact with a specialist, reviews of paperwork, insurance and full support for day to day employment issues.

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